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The Team

Announcing the 

2021 Winners!

Nguyen Do Quy Linh

1st Place Winner

My experience in the competition:

Sciencious Competition has given me a memorable experience to immerse myself in scientific research and writing. As simple as the questions may sound, the challenging part was to not give a shallow answer. I frequently encountered unfamiliar terminologies and complicated arguments while reading different theories for the cause of aging - my chosen topic - which was quite discouraging at first. In the end, however, I managed to comprehend and analyze these scientific documents to present a holistic approach to the issue of aging. Perhaps overcoming hardship to put a thorough and satisfactory essay on paper is my biggest gain from the competition, and I am grateful that Sciencious has provided me with such a unique opportunity. 

Awards: US $250 Cash Prize +  $25 AoPS coupon

Calina Julianne Pamplona

2nd Place Winner

Awards: US $125 Cash Prize + Receive $25 AoPS coupon

Sanaa Suvarna

3rd Place Winner

My experience in the competition:
I greatly enjoyed participating in this competition because it included the two things I’m passionate about— STEM and writing! It helped me develop my writing skills while also giving me the opportunity to explore the ever-so-mysterious black holes.
Awards: US $50 Cash Prize + Receive $25 AoPS coupon
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