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Can participants register and join the courses late?

Can students works on the project collaboratively?

Yes - The STEM courses are always available for any students to join! However, participants who wish to conduct a project with the guidance of our team needs to start on the 13th of March (3 weeks before the due date of projects).

Yes - students living in the same nation/region are encouraged to work together on their research project if their STEM interest match!

When are where will the winners be announced?

Where do I submit my work?

What happens after I submitted my project?

We will announce the winners as soon as we can, however, we do not have a confirmed date for the announcement.

In each course, there will be a submission section where students can subject their project. Contact the organizer of the course or join weekly meetings if you have any questions about the project.

You will receive an email confirming that your submission has been received.

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