What is the Sciencious International STEM Writing Competition?

The Sciencious 2021 International STEM Writing Competition is an international, virtual competition open to high school students around the world.


The competition aims to inspire life-long learning in STEM in the youth.


Participants will write a scientific article from five given TOPICS. There are no charges to compete in this competition. 

Deadline: September 15th 11.59PM EST 2021

Winners will receive a range of exciting PRIZES, valuing over USD$500.

Nathan Nguyen, Founder and CEO of Sciencious

Nathan Nguyen is the founder and CEO of Sciencious. Understanding the positive impact that STEM can bring to the world, he started Sciencious, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organisation, to bring STEM resources to underprivileged and under-resourced children. The Sciencious International Writing Competition plays a vital role in helping Sciencious reaching its mission. The competition not only provides an awesome opportunity for students worldwide to practise STEM writing skills but also allows students to connect and inspire each other!

Organisers and Judges:

Allan Zhao, Education Assistant at Sciencious

Allan Zhao is currently studying in New Zealand as a 10th-grade high school student. The areas of STEM align with his future career and goals, inspiring him to make a positive change to the world. Being a hard-working and dedicated person, he joined Sciencious, a non-profit organisation aimed to provide STEM related resources to youth from less fortunate backgrounds. This year Sciencious introduced a writing competition open to any students around the world. The aim of this event is to improve the skills of the students to deal with STEM related situations and to become more capable and confident person.

Matt Prance, Education Assistant at Sciencious

Matt Prance is a final-year high school student from Auckland, New Zealand. His drive for excellence in education and breaking the barriers due to his learning disabilities allowed him to find his passions of STEM and astronomy. These passions introduced him to the Sciencious nonprofit organisation, where he is one of two Education Assistants. The Sciencious International Writing Competition allows easy accessibility for all types of students to participate, allowing more insights and perspectives on real-world problems that nearly everyone faces every day.

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