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What is the Sciencious International STEM Research Program?

Sciencious, a worldwide STEM enrichment non-profit organization, is running a global research program for low-income and passionate children who aims to cultivate strong knowledge and research foundations for those interested in various STEM fields. 


WHO: Students who are passionate in STEM from K-12 are eligible to register for the program.

PROJECT: The STEM courses will cover aspects that are still scientifically unexplored. Following completion of the course, students will be able to utilize and apply the knowledge gained in the course with additional research to propose a potential solution or technique to address unsolved problems for the Sciencious Research Contest (SRC). The innovative research proposal is presented in multimodal presentations, such as a scientific report from a self-conducted experiment, PowerPoint presentations, videos, posters, and so on.

Review Project Guidelines & Rubrics Here!

DURATION: Participants will have ten weeks to complete the STEM course of their choice and three additional weeks to execute their research project. There is no time restriction for students who do not wish to participate in the project competition to complete the courses.


AWARDS: Winners of the top three research projects selected by an expert panel will receive a free chosen STEM product from Sciencious Store and will be invited to join the Sciencious volunteer team. There are also three categorical awards are for the most creative, logical and feasible projects. All participants will receive a certificate of completion for finishing the course.

REGISTRATION: Please fill out the two forms below (if applicable) to receive information about the program, gain further support from the team, and access to Google Classrooms.

Our Team

The creators of the 2022 Sciencious Research Program are consisted of dedicated students from all over the world who possess immense passion for the STEM fields and are willing to share their knowledge and inspire disadvantaged children in pursuing a career in STEM. 


Nathan Nguyen

Founder & CEO at Sciencious

Nathan is passionate in fostering social equity through education. Through Sciencious, Nathan hopes to promote STEM education by inculcating a love for learning through a range of innovative programs such as this research program! Join us on our journey and help us advance our mission.

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Vivian Nguyen

Chief Author & COO at Sciencious

Vivian Nguyen is the Chief Author and COO of Sciencious. She has been developing assets of leadership, communication, inclusivity and innovation over the past two years of working at Sciencious in developing most impactful STEM curriculum for passionate and disadvantaged children worldwide. From this research program, Vivian wishes that all participants will have a foundational knowledge as well as a mind of innovation and curiosity in various STEM fields of their interest. 


Shreshta Prabhu

Director of Education at Sciencious

Shreshta Prabhu is the Director Of Education at Sciencious and the chapter president of Sciencious-India. Previously an educational assistant at Sciencious, Shreshta has been a part of Sciencious for a year and is excited to continue working toward improving educational resources globally. As someone who from first-hand research experience understands the value of a research programme, she hopes that Sciencious' Research Program changes the lives of many students. 

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Kishan Sivakumar

Texas Sciencious Regional President

Kishan Sivakumar is the Regional Chapter President of Texas for Sciencious. He aims to make educational material accessible to many communities around the globe. Through his contributions to the Sciencious Research Program, he wishes to shed light on the significant issue of cancer and its intriguing aspects of it. He hopes to grow and aid the new generation of upcoming medical professionals.


Tanya Kapitonova

UK Director of Tutoring at Sciencious

Tanya is the UK Director of Tutoring. With this research program, she wishes to ensure that all children have access to opportunities for learning and applying knowledge beyond their school curriculum. She is excited to meet the young inquisite minds and see their progress in STEM through this program, and is hoping to help and support everyone on their journeys.


Ajla Gasal

Chief Editor at Sciencious

Ajla Gasal is Sciencious' Editor in Chief and works passionately to develop the STEM magazine issues and regulate the educational content made available on the Sciencious website. With this research programme, she aims to improve STEM accessibility for young students across the world. She looks forward to meeting curious youth looking to unravel scientific information. Ajla values research,  exploration and believes that this can widen horizons. 

Anas Shaaban

Director of Education at Sciencious

Anas Shaaban has been a member of Sciencious for over two years. He is currently a Computer Science Freshman at Michigan State University and is apart of the Honors College. He is passionate about providing free education for all and supporting underprivileged students all around the world. He hopes that students will be able to benefit from his Computer Science course and might even consider pursuing it as a career or as a major in university.



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